3 comments on “Fence Sitting

  1. Please, when you read this comment, think of it being said in a reasonable tone. Not me yelling or anything.

    I agree with the right of a person to state their beliefs, and I believe in their right to run their company according to their beliefs. And, really, when it comes right down to it, I believe they have a right to donate the money they earn to whatever organizations they want to. My problem with Chik-fil-A, which is really a problem with the man behind the company … Truett Cathy… is not that he’s exercising his rights. My problem is that he’s exercising them in a way that seeks to deprive others of basic rights.

    I don’t believe one has to oppose making it legal for gay couples to marry in order to be true to one’s Christian faith. I think one can accept that part of having the freedom to practice whatever religion you want in America is also having the freedom not to have to live according to laws based on the religious beliefs of others. The opposition to allowing gay couples to marry is based on religion. Not science. Not what effect it would have on society. It’s not even something all Christians oppose. And, really, in that way, Christianity is just being used as a shield to hide behind. It’s not really about religious faith. It’s about some people being really uncomfortable with gay people, so they seek to control those who are different from them.

    People used to use the same justification to prevent interracial couples from marrying. They took quotes from the bible out of context and loudly declared that it was an abomination in the eyes of God for whites to mix with non-whites. I cannot for even one second believe that the same God I was taught about in Sunday School would find my niece and nephew to be an abomination, or my marriage to be an abomination, because of different skin colors. In fact, the Old Testament says God was angry with Moses’s family because they took that attitude about his wife.

    And that’s the thing… for nearly everything that some people say God condemns, someone can find at least one verse to point to and say that’s not true. Religious debates belong within the church. But in the US, they do not belong in our government. We do not have a religion-based government. The Founding Fathers were clear about that. The Treaty of Tripoli explicitly states our government is not founded on the Christian religion.

    Truett Cathy is free to believe what he wants, and he’s free to do what he wants with his money. But I have a problem with the fact that what he is doing is donating that money to organizations that actively work to influence politics in a way that keeps other people from being able to do what they want with their lives. If I say nothing about that, I’m contributing to a social environment that accepts that it’s okay to keep others from living as they wish – even though they aren’t harming anyone else – simply because someone doesn’t approve of it. And if I spend my money with his company, then I’m contributing to the money he donates for that. I become guilty of helping him do it.

    I cannot be silent because it’s annoying to hear about it. That’s not the person my Christian family raised me to be, and it’s not what my husband swore to defend when he took his oath as a Marine. You have to decide how much you feel is right or wrong for you to be involved in an issue, and I’m not condemning you for not being an aggressive advocate about this. But it really does go deeper than just people’s religious beliefs of free speech. That being said, while I do believe the Jim Henson company is well within their rights to pull their partnership with Chik-fil-A, I am not okay with mayors of cities not granting a license to do business based on this. For me, that edges closer to government level retribution than I’m okay with. I think they should go ahead and grant the licenses and let the public decide whether they business will succeed there or not.

    I’m sorry about this being a wall of text. I really did keep it as short as I felt I could.

  2. Not sure if you wanted response to this, but I don’t do the whole hold-my-tongue thing. First off I’m not gpnna start a flame war and tell you why you are wrong, or that you even are wrong. My issue is that they (Chik-Fil-A as a corporation & under the guidance of their CEO) lobby against the extending of rights to a group of individuals already afforded to other Americans. I agree this is a stupid…I guess talking point will suffice, but it shows the simmering point at which we as a country are. This is the civil rights issue of our time, and like those before it, it polarizes. I just want to say this: while it is true this man and this company has freedoms of speech, but that is not the issue. It’s that this company is standing on the side of inequality and that is what people have a problem with. If this was a gun control issue, or about abortion it would be different. But these people say they are standing for their beliefs, which they have a right to, but their beliefs dictate love, and inequality is not love.

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